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All in how you look at it…

We got our first snowfall of the year here. It reminded me of a couple of years ago. The kids came down from their bedrooms one morning to see the first snowfall of that year. Taylor looked out the back room window, and in a surprised voice said, “Snowman made a mess!”

An Unappetizing Menu

The kids were being driven to the school bus stop by their mom recently and they passed a local church. The church was advertising an upcoming event, a lunch with Santa. My wife asked them if they’d be interested in going to “a Santa lunch”. Taylor was taken aback by this. She asked, “we’re going […]

Happy Thanksgiving… and a Milestone

The kids reached a milestone this week. After 5 years (well, 5.5 years… that extra .5 is important at this age) they’re finally sleeping in separate rooms. They’ve been sleeping in the same room pretty much since they were about a week old and were moved from separate incubators to one large crib in the […]

Money IS the root of all evil!

It is so true and not too long ago I was wishing I won the lottery! I would like to have it easier and not have to worry about rising bills, Christmas and Birthdays, some days. But I wonder if hitting it rich would be the best thing in the world. Money is not the […]

Kidquote – A Fine Question…

I was reminded the other day of something one of the kids once said to me (I think it might have been Taylor). Some small toy had broken and she of course asked that ever-popular kid question, “Why?”. I told her that it was just cheap, and she responded to that with, “Who cheaped it?”… […]

Bus Stop Blues

The kids are enjoying Kindergarten. It’s kind of a switch from going twice a week to preschool to five days a week to Kindergarten, plus it’s a lot bigger school, but they’re getting used to it. They’re now all three in separate classrooms, which they’re getting used to too… They get driven to a bus […]


Thank you for coming to our page! This post was inspired by a comment I read from someone this morning. I really love Hilton Head also. Last year when we visited We went and checked out Tradition! That is where the HGTV home was built. Although it is gated and we could not get back […]

Starting kindergarten soon

We found out this week that the kids have definitely been accepted school we chose and will be attending kindergarten. We had already withdrawn them from the our school district they were originally registered at (they didn’t have all-day kindergarten… morning kindergarten didn’t leave mommy enough time at her job that she works part-time). It […]

Sad news for our new chicks

Thumbnail : Sad news for our new chicks

We finally got the coop ready for the new chicks and put them in. It’s been a couple of years since that coop held any chickens. The attached pen wasn’t ready yet, so we blocked it off. Unfortunately for them, something managed to get inside and eat all of them. We never even got the […]

Kidquote – Bedtime conversations

Kids, of course, will do anything to keep from falling asleep. Tonight I was laying down with the kids are they were having quite the conversations. At first, Steven was worried that my wife and I were about to die and they’d be left without the ability to prepare food or drive anywhere. Luckily, I […]

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