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Extended Family Time – An Unfortunate Loss

I wanted to write about something heavy on my heart. We had a tragedy in our family last week. We lost my dear cousin Les, who was only 43 years old. A wonderful man who had not yet had a chance to have a wife and children. He was a very sweet person. He died from heart problems caused by a genetic disorder, [HTML1], that he had so unfortunately inherited from his father’s side, a father he had not had a relationship with all of his life. His brother has the same heart issue also.
His brother stood next to the casket and spoke to his friends and family and pleaded for us all to drop all issues we had with each other and come together for the sake of our children and our hearts also — for the chance that our children will be able to love, play and know each other as well as our parents before us, who gave us this precious gift. Memories of good times and fun and laughter.
I wholeheartedly agree with my dear cousin and will do my best to allow my children to know their family. I will miss Les, and I wish I had brought the kids over to see him. I think he had only seen them once or twice. I pray he is in Heaven and I pray for God to comfort his brother, mother and father.

We did get to spend time with my cousins that I do love so dear. One cousin that I was raised with, had 2 of our kids throwing pennies in her little pond telling them to wish really hard and their wishes would come true. But she told them they could not tell ANYONE of their wish or it would not come true. I am including a picture of them wishing. It is so cute.













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