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Cheap things to do this summer

I do not know about you, but I am living on a budget while raising these precious younguns.
I am constantly searching and researching for the most brilliant idea. 🙂
For those of you that are looking for fun cheap things to do. I have found these interesting and resourceful sites. I would love to share them with you. These do not include every festival or park there may be but please feel free to email me and I will post what you have found also!

Community Festivals

National Parks

Music Festivals

State Parks


Community Calendars

Craft Fairs

Minor League Baseball


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  • Not sure if there is a site or not but Whitewater Forest is a great CHEAP place to take the kids on hot days. They have the water play ground and it is awesome. The kids love it and I think it cost $ 1.00 each for all day fun. Pack your lunch because the kids will not want to leave! There are several other parks like this in Hamilton County also. Might even be a website for Hamilton County Parks.

  • This place is awesome! You can wake board all day from i think noon till dusk! For only 45 bucks! They have water ski`s, wake boards(skate board w/out the wheels}, knee boards, and short boards. It`s crazy fun! Me and rich, nd Tasha have been procrastinating, but we`re definately gonna go! You guys should come too! Make sure you print out the coupon from the website or it`s 50 bucks or so…

  •* 🙂

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