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Been A While…

Hey Everyone! It has been a while since I have posted. I have been way busy and we had some issues with the site but hubby has corrected them. He also added a really cool link for games. The kids love to play computer games. I am hooked on farmtown right now! That is through facebook. My entire family is on there it seems. We have a blast trying to get the biggest farm. Crazy fun. That’s my wild life. lol

Also I have a real garden I tend to and work and everything that goes on in life. Fun, fun…sometimes 🙂
We went to Metamora, Indiana last weekend and that was OK. We are planning a visit to Daytona Beach, Florida in a few weeks. We are so excited! We are planning on taking the triplets to Disney at least one day. We were fortunate enough to have a friend that has a timeshare and we just pay him what his fee would be. Its a pretty good deal.

I went to a yard sale looking for bikes for the triplets last weekend. I went with my cousin and we just had a blast. Cracking each other up. She is the wheeler dealer person. She finally just told me if I want to buy something I just just ask her and she will try and get the people to come down on the price. It was hilarious. I laughed all day. We did end up getting the bikes for a very good price. I also could not pass on a hot wheel four wheeler for $50 with a little trailer hitch to the back. Although I did have to go to Toys R Us and buy a battery and the charger that was a little over $100 but those 4 wheelers are over $300 new. They had a blast on it and i have a picture I am going to post also. The one on the front of the grill is my sweet granddaughter that is 2 months older than the triplets. We love her so much!




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  • All they can say is no, right? Or maybe LEAVE MY GARAGE SALE RIGHT NOW AND NEVER COME BACK???? LOL…I have been kicked out of better places! LOL I paid $ 11.00 for a children’s patio set for my grandchildren after the lady said “make me an offer”. I started by telling her I didn’t want to pay for it at all and when that didn’t work I started at 5.00! We both thought we got a great deal and good thing I didn’t let Tammy start this price war on my behalf…SHE WAS GOING TO START AT $ 25.00!!! 🙂

  • We need to do that again soon…that was the most fun I have had in a very long time!

  • Glad to see you back
    My day was super. My “daughter ” came be bopping down the stairs really early with a card, chocolates, and gift from her and my boys. #1 son cooked dinner – ribs and baked beans. Hubby brought home two rose buds. I also enjoyed a bubble bath. Life is good 🙂

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