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Triplet Parents

Hey, since you made it to our blog site, I would like to welcome you, and hope you enjoy reading about our exciting life with adorable triplets that we are so blessed to have.

The ups, the downs, and believe me there are some funny quotes every day from one of these little people!

I want to introduce myself and give you a background first.

My name is Tammy and my husband is Steve. We live in Ohio. We are the parents of 5 year old triplets.  All this media going on about multiples and how they are on TV all the time and such is so amazing to me.  My husband and I feel like we have just been able to get our head above water.

My husband and I met on a dating website.  It was kind of crazy thing I had been married before and that’s a whole blog I would prefer to delete but, hey! what can I say? We live, and well, hopefully… we learn.

Fortunately, I met a fantastic man through the website.  We dated for about a year before we got married.   He had never been married before and I already had 2 teenagers, so he had no idea what the heck he was in for.

We were married for 3 years before we had heard about in-vitro fertilization.  After my second child I had a tubal ligation and we had the option to pay for the reversal and take our chances or pay for the in-vitro.  The costs were similar but the chances seemed better to go for the in-vitro.  I absolutely hate needles but I agreed to go through at least 2 cycles of the in-vitro.

After one try, voila, we got 3 amazing babies!

I carried them to 7 months and they were in the hospital for a month and the NICU was absolutely amazing!

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  • I know that you have your hands full with all three of them at one time. They sound like a lively crew.

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      You are right! A lot of work but I do feel very fortunate and so blessed, most days anyway! hahaha

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