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Jon and Kate Plus 8 saga

So many people have strong opinions on this family. My feelings are mixed. I do not think Kate is a horrible person. A lot of people are posting that she is a bossy, rude person to Jon.

Steve and I were talking last night about how we are thankful people do not see us every moment of the day. People are human. I believe she signed up for this deal for:
1) because she is proud of her kids and
2) the money will help them.
I think Kate is a wonderful person. I think Jon is a great person!
I think Kate has taken on the role to run the ship and Jon is to contribute as the father but you know EVERYONE has their own ideas of what is the right way.
Yes they may be making $78,000 (estimate) per episode but that doesn’t give people the right to stalk her and her children.

A close friend of mine said “well I do not feel sorry for her, She signed up for this and you take the bad with the good”
I totally disagree!
I think yes, she signed up for this but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the same rights and you and I. She is a human being! A mother, a wife and a team player. She adores her children and she IS a good Mom!

You all have to understand that its just not a show! Its her life. She is still making food cleaning, washing clothes, hugging and loving, making sure each child feels special everyday and every minute of the day. It never stops. Its continuous.
If Jon and her don’t get it together and keep this family together those kids will have a rough life no matter how much money they have. You can not have a weekend daddy and be fulfilled.
I am truly praying for that family and I hope we all can. I don’t want to see their family break up. for that matter, anyone’s family break up. Where is Doctor Phil when you need him. lol They are celebrities now! come on Doctor Phil help them! someone needs to sit them down and talk to them. They need to realize they must stay together for those kids and they must make time for each other alone. They have enough money to get good quality childcare once a week for an alone date with each other. They fell in love with each other and they need to find that again. God Bless them. God didn’t bless them with these kids to break up. That is my take and I am just a triplet mom viewer seeing what the show wants us to see.

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    I really do understand how people feel that way. I appreciate everyone’s feelings and thoughts.
    I just hope for the best for the family. thanks so much for taking the time to post!!! God Bless

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