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Kidquote – New cute chicks!

There are some new cute chicks around our house… these are the kind with beaks and wings. We used to raise chickens several years ago, now we’re starting up again. I put up a chicken “condo” in our backyard (I had gotten the frame put up and, thankfully, my sister’s husband stepped in to help me finish the job… no telling what it would have looked like otherwise). The structure is about 8′ x 9′ and 142″ from floor to roof peak. It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever built. We keep them mostly for eggs. This batch is about 12 chicks, several different varieties. We can’t tell how many will be hens and how many roosters yet. I’ll be attaching some pictures soon.

On a marginally related note, I was thinking about something my son said once. We had given him the fried chicken before, and one day wife was asking them what they wanted for dinner. Steven said, “I want some of that chicken with a handle” (meaning a leg).

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