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Kidquote – Bedtime conversations

Kids, of course, will do anything to keep from falling asleep. Tonight I was laying down with the kids are they were having quite the conversations. At first, Steven was worried that my wife and I were about to die and they’d be left without the ability to prepare food or drive anywhere. Luckily, I think I got him calmed down and we started talking about height. He asked how tall I was and asked if the three of them would be that tall some day. I said he’d probably be, but not the girls. Tori, especially, will probably be on the short side when she grows up, and I told him she would be “petite”. He thought that was the most hysterical word he had ever heard. He got a good laugh out of that. He said “I’ve never heard that word before!” (like, at 5 years of age, he’s got an extensive vocabulary already…)

Tori needed me to lay next to her then. I was asking her about dreams. She said she has a lot of different dreams, but most are not scary. She said her eyes are like a tv set and her dreams are “commercials”. She told me about dreaming about volcanoes, rockets, laser beams, ropes, and sharp spinning fans. I told her “that sounds like quite a movie you were dreaming”. She said, “no, it’s a commercial!” What it was a commercial for, I never found out.

No conversations with Taylor… she’s kind of a morning person. She tends to go to sleep the earliest and stay sound asleep through the night (unlike her brother and sister).

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  • I used to be the king at delaying bedtimes! The ol’ Dad, “have you ever scored a goal in a cup final” or “mum, can you read me a little bit please?” tricks used to work a dream…
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  • Yep, me too. I find that the ‘ol. I’m scared tends to work best. Parents are so nice, they wanna comfort you. Then again, sometimes other tricks work better.

    Btw, nice blog. I like it!
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  • Yesterday, I see The Nanny 911 on TV, it also giving tips for Child sleep
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      yes we have watched nanny 911 before. We charish the times we get to read to them and hear their thoughts every evening. We start early and our children are usually asleep by 9pm. We have great kids.

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      dont get me wrong we have an occasionally bump in the road. lol right huny?

  • You know, my favorite times are those quiet “in the dark” talks with my children. I have learned so much about their day, their thoughts… definitely the BEST time!!! Hmmm I don’t remember laser beams though!


  • My child is only 2 and yet to talk but I do love sitting with him in his room while he falls asleep. He also wants to hold my hand these days.

    Its a wonderful peaceful time you wouldn’t otherwise get.
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  • I missed the times when I used to tell bedtime stories and has conversations with my children before they go to sleep. They are all grown up now.

  • I had fun reading this, it’s the kind of feel-good blogs compared to those really serious, heavy stuff you get here in the net. This reminded me of my little sister when she was a kid, she used to be very imaginative like Tori. She’ll give me all sorts of stories from Mars to turtles to spinach, so instead of me becoming angry that she’s still wide awake when it’s late, I ended up writing in my notebook her precious original works!

  • I really enjoyed night-night time with the kids. They were usually at their most relaxed. They would really surprise me with some of the conversations we had. Some deep, some just pleasant, all rewarding for me and hopefully for them also. I would not trade those times or memories for anything else.

    Sometimes I really miss night-night time. Maybe with some grandchildren someday. My fingers are crossed. Can’t wait.
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