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Registering the triplets for kindergarten!

Well, I registered the kids for Kindergarten! I can not believe that they are 5 years old! As I was completing the registration, I was thinking Taylor was only 3 pounds and 3 ounces when she entered into this world and now she is going to Kindergarten! Steven was 3 pounds and 14 ounces and Tori was 3 pounds and 2.5 ounces!
Now Taylor is really tall and about 40 pounds, Steven is about a half an inch shorter than her and about 35 pounds, Tori is about an inch shorter than him and about 27 pounds soaking wet! Now, when I get the kids physical information, you will see how far off I am.
I must tell you, when you have multiples, if you are not already a germaphobic you become one. So much so, that I think I have my children scared of germs like they were monsters. Taylor told me that she had a dream of this huge germ coming after her and I kind of laughed a little and she said “But, Mommy, it wasn’t funny, it was quite frightening!”
Maybe that happens to every mother, but when we first had the babies and we got to bring them home a month later from the NICU, we had the alcohol gel for everyone that came in, to disinfect their hands. Although, honestly, we really didn’t invite people over much, because then I was too worried about my house being clean, and trust me it has been years since I have been able to KEEP it clean. First, I had my 2 older teenagers to take care of, and they were well trained as children, but as soon as they turn 14 or 15 they turned into slobs! I love them both dearly. But, man, they drove me nuts. Now this time around, with these guys I want to make sure I do it right. lol

I am laughing because we can try and train and preach and everything and then they grow up to do what they want and be how they want. Some of your teachings stick and some of it they totally ignore!

So I say now, let’s do what makes us happy and healthy and allow the kids to choose (which they will anyway) how they choose to live when they are adults BUT “while you are in MY house you go by MY rules!” Now that’s all my upbringing sayings coming out! lol Oh, here is a good one, my mother, my dear mother used to say, “It smells like cyarn in here!” What the hell is cyarn, where do you get it, and how do you get rid of it?

I asked my mother when I got older these questions and her answer was “I don’t know, but my mom used to say it”

I asked some of her siblings and they don’t know either. Think Granny was drunk one day and came in and said maybe “it smells like a barn in here” but was really slurring her words?

I don’t know… I will probably be stoned to death for using that hypothetical story about my Granny being drunk because she was an angel and I really don’t think she has ever gotten drunk but ya never know; We do have some Irish in us.

See what my friends and loved ones have to go through? I start out talking about one thing and end up talking about my granny coming home drunk, which she probably never did, but I keep on typing it and typing it. I swear I am not drunk either.

I am posting some pictures from when we went to Hilton Head Island last year. So be sure to check that section!

I also want to post some pictures of my nephew (I have to ask his daddy first) going to the Little League World Series last year. We all drove to PA to watch him in the tournaments and CNN played the play he had made over and over. He is very athletically talented.

My other nephew is crazy talented singing. He is just shy and he is working on that if I can get him to sing I may put a sound clip on here if he will let me. 🙂 type later. Ciao!

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