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This post was inspired by a comment I read from someone this morning. I really love Hilton Head also. Last year when we visited We went and checked out Tradition! That is where the HGTV home was built. Although it is gated and we could not get back to see the actual home they had a lot of information at the entrance with their welcome center on Green homes. I would love to have a green home! I hope the MegaMillions lottery tickets we purchased last night are winners! Wouldn’t that be awesome! I have daydreamed of what I would do with the money. First I would pay off my brothers homes, of course my hubby’s siblings homes and our home and buy my little sis a home! Then I would do trust funds for my children. Since I plan on not spoiling the kids, they would have to complete their educations and there would be an age limit that they could get it. I have a 24 and a 25 year old kids that I would help also. I do think a little struggling in the world builds character. I have been on my own since I was 17 and I never had any support from my parents and I do believe that is what made me who I am today. The Lord has always taken care of me. I have went through some horrific life experiences but I do believe God has a plan. I am thankful he loves us and I can always count on him.
Back to what I would do if I hit the lottery, I would definitely donate to a charity and tithe. I am sure I would continue working and probably donate to them also. They are a non profit agency that helps children that have been abused and neglected. I have never met such a wonderful group of people in my life than the people I have worked with there. They do not make much money so you know these type of people aren’t in it to get rich. They are here to help people. I have been here over 17 years.
Tell me what you all would do if you hit the lottery Friday? It is up to $325,000,000. Can you even imagine???

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  • What would I do ? I would give some money for medical reseach institutes that search for a cure agains cancer. Second I would give some money to the Kindergardens and to the youth centres in my town. Those need much money and get less every year from the gouvernment. Maybe I would give some bucks to the Red Cross or to Amnesty International. The rest will go to an investment company that handles everything for me. So I can stay at home, relax and getting a massage every day.

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      That is just awesome ideas. We didn’t win the lottery. 🙁 I was feeling guilty about what I would do if we won until you said you would get a massage everyday! lol
      But none the less, we can dream and a massage everyday would be awesome! I have never had a massage before. Hey I went to a physical therapist before because I have problems with my left shoulder and that was amazing. But it was too expensive to pay the copay twice a week to continue.
      thanks for your post let us know if you do win the lottery I would probably need a loan. haha kidding. take care

  • I always dream about winning the lottery! I would buy a home, first of all!

  • we can dream and a massage everyday would be awesome! I have never had a massage before. Hey I went to a physical therapist before because I have problems with my left shoulder and that was amazing

  • To be honest, if I wont the lotto, I would buy a decent house, pay off debt, and have my brother manage my money. He’s a little better than I am. Haha.

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