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Sweet things I want to always remember.

The other evening I was in my bedroom with my little boy and they are at the stage that they want to know who in the family looks like them or who they look like.
I looked at Steven’s long Blonde eyelashes and said your eye lashes are long like Daddy’s but they are blonde like Mommy’s.
He looked at me and said in that dear sweet little voice of his and said “Maybe that’s why we love each other so much”
I was taken back and I teared up of course and said “You know what, I think you are exactly right!”

How lucky am I God has given me 3 such precious gifts to make my life so rich and full of love. Never have I felt someone loved me so much. It is the most awesome feeling I have ever had more than any work related success I have ever had.
Just wanted to share! God Bless, Tammy

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