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Happy Thanksgiving… and a Milestone
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Happy Thanksgiving… and a Milestone

The kids reached a milestone this week. After 5 years (well, 5.5 years… that extra .5 is important at this age) they’re finally sleeping in separate rooms. They’ve been sleeping in the same room pretty much since they were about a week old and were moved from separate incubators to one large crib in the NICU at the hospital. After the crib phase, the girls slept in matching beds while Steven preferred to sleep on a mattress on the floor. Now Steven is in his new cowboy-themed room and Taylor’s bed is in a room across the hall from him. Tori and her bed remain in the room they used to share. We’re looking for desks and other furniture for all three rooms. It’s been a couple of nights in the new arrangement and they’re still getting used to it. There’s a bit of anxiety still and a lot of trips to each room to comfort and make sure they’re staying in bed and trying to go to sleep.


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