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WOW A NEW POST, finally…

It’s been awhile that I have posted. Life has a way of keeping you busy. The kids are all in separate classes so that keeps me hopping. Taylor just told me she wanted to go back into Steven’s class where she was the first week of kindergarten. She likes playing with him at recess. I asked her if she likes her teacher and she said she loves her but she wants to play with her brother more.
I have them in separate classes only because I think it will be good for them.
The problem I had worried about before is what if one gets invited to a party and the other 2 don’t. It’s happened. But surprisingly not too many times. I am thinking everyone has these “pump it up” parties and they costs per child so I was thinking not too many people would invite kids from school let alone triplets. But that is not true. They are getting invited so much we can’t possibly go to them all.
We pretty much have to stick to family events only.
I feel I have to buy 3 gifts because they invited 3 kids and that gets really expensive. But it is expensive for them to invite my 3 kids. lol Every kids birthday is like a national event. I don’t know how people pay for all of these things. This year my kids want a DS for their birthdays so we will be having a birthday at home and saving a lot of money that way. I refuse to pay $400 or more for one of those places. I mean come on people! How can people do that and then feel they have to out do last years party. But I don’t know, I guess if you can afford to throw it away like that. to each his own. Take care Got to get to work. God Bless.

  • I can’t even imagine! I have one child at home and we still limit the birthday party events to around $100. One of her favorite parties was done at home with a spy theme and she was allowed to invite all the girls in her class. Much nicer than the ones where we had to limit how many could attend. Good luck to you!

  • My son is turning 1 in a few weeks and we’re going through the birthday planning right now. I thought planning for one kid is tough enough…but three would make it that much more difficult. My brother also has triplets so I’ve gotten that perspective as well.

    Best of luck with the birthday plans!

  • Yes, its really a problem of 3s. ha..ha..national event. Let yourself forget that all and keep the life going on its own way.

  • I feel for you with the present giving thing, my daughter has just started high school and there are already three invites. I have four children the youngest is 11 and I decided to opt out of the my child’s birthday party is better than yours a long time ago. The old fashioned sleep over or movie night is still a big winner mainly because you are putting in more time and the kids get to really enjoy each other.
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  • Afterall, this is a god gift which can either be costlier or cheaper, but at least there must be any welfare behind that. Just keep on enjoy life with them.

  • I just found out that my brother and his wife are having triplets and found this blog. I’ll pass it along to them. Also, I would image that it would get quite expensive having triplets (buying 3 gifts). I imagine that a lot of things are 3x the price of just a single baby.

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      If he has any questions please email us. Its hard at first. We were walking around like zombies with no sleep. If he has family that can help thats awesome! God Bless

  • Seems to me that people paying $400 for their child’s birthday is fine if they’ve got enough money, my worry is for those that feel they have to fit in or they’ll look like they don’t care (or their kids will suffer).

    In my opinion creating a great birthday party at home takes more committment than shelling out a few bucks. The creativity and energy required are much higher – but personally I believe that games etc. at home can be much more rewarding than a “Ben & Jerry’s” reahearsed Happy Birthday chorus sung by a group of bored students who disappear as soon as it’s over.

    Great work you’re doing, I hope the party went great ;o)


  • I’ve always though having twins is going to be fun. My twin cousins looked cute when they were young – if one of them is playing with a toy, the other one should have the very same toy to play with as well. I just couldn’t imagine how it would be for triplets. But I never thought of the consequences when they get old though like only one gets invited to a party or something.

  • Yep, having 3 kids is really expensive. But what I do is by setting the right expectations. We don’t have to out done the previous party. I’m glad you are keeping up with this blog. take care!
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  • Yikes, sounds rough. We are doing fertility now though so we have the chance of triplets.

  • Multiples run in our family and I have to say I feel for you. Two of our girls were born 350 days apart which is about the same as twins until they got to junior high. We even had shared parties until junior high. Then they had separate friends.

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