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18 Responses to “Guestbook”

  • this is a cool site good job.

  • Hi, I read your comment on the aol article about the haunted bar and thought I’d check out your site. Great work!

  • Hi. Found this web siter bt accident. What a wonderful family you have.. God Bless these beautiful children. I see you lost a cousin at the age of 43. I Lost my son at the same age in 2003. he was single also and no chuldren.. I miss him terribly. I live in Soth Jersey. I have 4 other children . I alway say since my son Michael never married yet that I was still his best girl. A nice thoght. he was a wonderful son. I was so proud of him. His brother wrote the memorial for Mike and I believe the lord held the pen as he wrote this. I would love to share this with you if you email me.. It brings me comfort form time to time to read it. It may bring some comfort for you too at the loss of your dear cousin.
    Shirley A. George

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    Welcome Mrs. George and I am so excited that you found our site. We hope to share the joy and happiness we have been blessed with.
    It is sad to hear you have lost a son! I can not imagine what that is like. My cousin’s brother stood up and said some beautiful things about his brother also.
    Thank you so much for writing us and I am going to email you also right now. Warmest regards, Tammy.

  • Hi,

    I am new to this forum and want to introduce myself


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      Welcome! This is a new forum so please feel free to tell us more!
      Where are you from? etc. thanks, Tammy

  • Tammy,

    Thanks for always being there for me Tammy.

    I love you.

    Your cousin, Renee’

  • Thanks for sharing this site! You are the best! Can we submit recipes?

  • Thanks for letting me see your site. Very cool,,,beautiful children,,,,thanks for posting the no bake cookies,,,my son loves them (he’s 25 lol)) i had missed placed the recipe,,but thanks to you I got it again. He is in the Air Force and should be coming home this summer for a visit and it will be great to make them for him!!! Thanks again

  • Hi there Tammy!
    What beautiful children you have. Many blessings to you and your family. I will have to send u pics of the Rock House when we get back. My email is sggrim@yahoo.com so, if u want to send me an email, I’ll send u some pics.
    Again, have a great weekend.

  • Hi, my name is Shanti Sherna from Ukraina. I’m 27 y.
    I just love to read this forum articles & topics discussed here.


  • Hey, My name ls Hoa Binh, I from Marie Curie high school.
    I have just read your web and like it so much. thanks.

  • Thats some good basics there, already knew some of that, but you can always learn . I doubt a “kid” could put together such information as dolphin278 suggested. Maybe he’s just trying to be “controversial? lol

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