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Dining out with the kids…

Eating out at a restaurant with a lot of kids can get expensive, especially in today’s economy. I just ran across links to help with that and wanted to share them. The first is Kids Eat Free and it lists places where kids can eat free or very cheaply. The second one is similar, KidsEatFor, […]

Kidquote – A Fine Question…

I was reminded the other day of something one of the kids once said to me (I think it might have been Taylor). Some small toy had broken and she of course asked that ever-popular kid question, “Why?”. I told her that it was just cheap, and she responded to that with, “Who cheaped it?”… […]

Cheap things to do this summer

I do not know about you, but I am living on a budget while raising these precious younguns. I am constantly searching and researching for the most brilliant idea. 🙂 For those of you that are looking for fun cheap things to do. I have found these interesting and resourceful sites. I would love to […]