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Posts Tagged ‘kids’

Happy Thanksgiving… and a Milestone

The kids reached a milestone this week. After 5 years (well, 5.5 years… that extra .5 is important at this age) they’re finally sleeping in separate rooms. They’ve been sleeping in the same room pretty much since they were about a week old and were moved from separate incubators to one large crib in the […]

Dining out with the kids…

Eating out at a restaurant with a lot of kids can get expensive, especially in today’s economy. I just ran across links to help with that and wanted to share them. The first is Kids Eat Free and it lists places where kids can eat free or very cheaply. The second one is similar, KidsEatFor, […]

Sweet Children

Sometimes I am just in awe of how lucky I am to have such wonderful little people that love me so much. God was so good to me. I am enjoying every minute with these precious ones and I hope I am teaching them to be givers and achievers. To make this world a better […]

Starting kindergarten soon

We found out this week that the kids have definitely been accepted school we chose and will be attending kindergarten. We had already withdrawn them from the our school district they were originally registered at (they didn’t have all-day kindergarten… morning kindergarten didn’t leave mommy enough time at her job that she works part-time). It […]

Kidquote – Bedtime conversations

Kids, of course, will do anything to keep from falling asleep. Tonight I was laying down with the kids are they were having quite the conversations. At first, Steven was worried that my wife and I were about to die and they’d be left without the ability to prepare food or drive anywhere. Luckily, I […]

Jon and Kate Plus 8 saga

So many people have strong opinions on this family. My feelings are mixed. I do not think Kate is a horrible person. A lot of people are posting that she is a bossy, rude person to Jon. Steve and I were talking last night about how we are thankful people do not see us every […]

Cheap things to do this summer

I do not know about you, but I am living on a budget while raising these precious younguns. I am constantly searching and researching for the most brilliant idea. 🙂 For those of you that are looking for fun cheap things to do. I have found these interesting and resourceful sites. I would love to […]